Delete your Facebook account

Have you had enough of all the intrusive ways Facebook is collecting data about everyone? And you simply want to delete your account? Here is how you can do that. Back up your information you shared on Facebook Go to

Kill the Facebook Like button

When you visit websites – and who doesn’t? – your visit is being tracked by Facebook. How? Websites often offer a Facebook like button. Of course you can choose not to click that nasty button, but even then Facebook registers

Block trackers

You can of course wait until all Facebook like buttons and other tracking scripts disappear from every website. But that could take a long time. So why not take action right away and block trackers? Disconnect Disconnect blocks trackers, malware

Dutch TV-show asks viewers to delete their Facebook accounts

Dutch TV-show asks viewers to leave Facebook

Sunday April 9th 2018, the Dutch TV-Show ‘Zondag met Lubach’ asked viewers to delete their Facebook account (‘Bye Bye Facebook’) Wednesday April 11th 2018.