When you visit websites – and who doesn’t? – your visit is being tracked by Facebook. How?

Websites often offer a Facebook like button. Of course you can choose not to click that nasty button, but even then Facebook registers that you visit that webpage.

So we should ask website owners politely to remove these spy buttons, because that’s what they are, but there is a more dramatic approach: kill the buttons!

Kill the Facebook Like button with add-on Disconnect

Welcome the add-on for browsers that will shut down Facebook like buttons on every page you are visiting: Disconnect.

Go to disconnect.me to download and (easy) install this add-on.

Note to website owners

Do you have a website with Facebook like buttons? And you still want visitors to like your page, but don’t want their privacy compromised? Then use a ‘secure Facebook like button’. This button does not uses cookies or Javascript, but is just a hyperlink. That guarantees no information is sent to Facebook unless a visitor actually clicks the button. Find out more.