Do you have a website with Facebook Like buttons? Read this!

Facebook Like buttons collect data about visitors, even when they do not click the button! Why should you cooperate with something so intrusive?

Facebook like buttons also slow down your website. Even if you don’t care about the privacy of your visitors, read on!

Secure Facebook Like button

You can do two things: simply delete your Facebook Like buttons or: change the code.

By changing the code, you can still give your visitors the opportunity to like your web page but Facebook won’t be able to trace your not-clicking visitors. Great!

Remove the Like button and replace it with a simple hyperlink:

Remove the Facebook code from your website (or ask your web developer to do it for you). First, search for ‘connect.facebook’ and delete that script. Then, search for ‘fb-like’ and replace that code with:

<a href="">Like us on Facebook</a>

Change YOUR-URL to the address of your web page, url encoded. If you don’t know how to url encode, go to to do the work for you.

Instead of the ‘Like us on Facebook’ text, you can also use one of these buttons. This ‘secure like’ button makes clear to your visitors that you really made an effort to protect their privacy.

That’s it! From now on, Facebook cannot trace your visitors but your visitors will still be able to like your page if they really, really want that.